Here is all what Dasko wanted to find out about these legendary canadians..ENJOY!
 All questions were answered by Rob. 
Q: Who (what mucic) inspired you to form NoMeansNo? 
 A: The first punk band I heard was the Ramones and I guess it was they who inspired me to play music instead of just listening to it.We loved all the original punk bands(and New Wave,and Art,Noise, was all lumped together in the mid 70's)---just to show how old we are---Hardcore from California was a new development when we were already basically doing the style of music we still do today.As much as the music though,we were inspired by the attitudes and ideas that came with it.A new awarness of sexual politics,anti-rock star-commercialism,honest self expression,uncensored creativity,passion over posing---as I list things you can see how far the scene has strayed from its original purpose.We still try to keep these attitudes first and foremost in our work,although it is basically like pissing in the wind these days(note:"pissing in the wind" is a vulgar English idiom denoting futility in the face of prevalent trends---sort of like swimming upstream in a river of shit).  
Q: Who is more popular right now NMN or Hanson Brothers?  
 A: That depends on who you talk to.NMN obiously has the edge in being know and attracting a crowd but there are those who prefer pure puck rock stupidity to the pretensions of NMN's "progressive","alternative" sound.I really enjoy the Hanson Brothers myself Because I don't have to sing and I wear mask which protects me when the beer bottles start flying.  
Q: Something about Vancuver scene and D.O.A!
 A: Vancouver has always had a very thriving and influential music scene.There are still tons of bands and places to play here.I think the best new sounds are coming out of Mint Records(The Smugglers,Cub,Maow) but there is tons of other stuff which I don't even keep track of as well.  
Q: Do you still have contacts with Andy and what do you think about Hissanol project? 
 A:No,I don't have any contacts with Andy these days,he's doing his thing and we're doing ours.As far Hissanol goes,quite frankly I haven't got around to listening to it yet.  
Q: Do you know some Yu-bands? 
 A:I'm afraid I know little of the scene in Yugoslavia,but then again I know little of the scene in Vancouver.I concentrate on making my own music and don't otherwise pay much attention to it.Usually the only time I will get a sence of them as people as well.  
Q: Did "The Residents" have some influences on your music? 
A:I don't know if the Residents were a big musical influence but they certaintly have been one of our favourite bands.They encompass the same parameters as the Ramones do,from the savage to the silly,which we like allot.As a musical influence,listen to Primus---you'll hear allot of Residents in them.  
Q: Do you prefer "Hansons" like songs or the symphonies like from "Why do they call me Mr Happy"? 
 A:We love both,obiously,which is why we play them both.There is nothing like a good three minute power pop punk song---then again there is nothing like a fifteen minute riff rock epic like Kill Everyone Now either.You see our dilemma.This is why we have to be in two bands.  
Q: What do you think about Jello Biafra(I really liked "sky is falling...")? 
 A:Jello is extremely inteligent and articulate guy who lives in a big dark mansion in San Francisco,hanging like a bat from the ceiling by day and drinking the blood of the innocent by night---(just kidding,Biafra).I have to say nice things about him because without him and his label Alternative Tentacles nobody would ever have heard of us.One of the few people from the scene who actually took his succes and popularity and used it to help promote other bands and their music.He''s the antithesis of rock star and anyone who says different is a wanker. 
Q: Tell us something about your "new" members(I mean after Andy!)? 
 A:Our "new" guitar player(actually,he's been with us for about five years now) ia Tom Holliston,an old Victoria boy(our home town) who is insane and wears glasses and loves hockey just like the rest of us.He has his own band called the Sho Business Giants,who sing about pants and gunracks and all sort of quirky things in a style all their own.Ken Kempester is also an Victoria boy who doesn't wear glasses and doesn't like hockey(wait a minute ,how did he get in!)but he's a great drummer so we let him hang aroungd with cool guys like us.  
Q:Q: How old are you guys(I always wanted to know that!)?  
  A:We are ancient.I am 58,my brother John is 45,Tom is 42 or 43---we're not sure because he was abandoned by his parent as an infant and raised by wolves.Kenny is only 18 but he has been playing drums since he was 2.  
Q: Massage for Yu-fans! 
  A:I get allot of mail from Yugoslavia and really appreciate the attention and support.Although we never played actually in Serbia ,we always have great shows in other Balkan state.Hopefully with the advent of a permanent peace we can do even more next time we're in Europe.Thanks for listening!Keep in mind I lie allot! 

Interview made by S.C.A.B. crew  on April 23,1997;