New website up and running!


Finally, Red Union enters the 21st century!
Not even 11 years have passed and ever-modern Red Union already have new, almost hip looking website.
Thanks to Tijana, we can now be up to date and in touch with the public. Our long term goal is to destroy Facebook. If people from Facebook read this, we’re just kidding (ourselves). Some things yet need to be filled but everything should click perfectly soon. Cheers!

Rats And Snakes OUT ON ANR MUSIC


Our third album “Rats and Snakes” is available from all good European distributions but if you want to get it from the label and support independent publishing CLICK HERE. Reviews so far have been really positive and we feel great for making such a record. If you ask us, as “artists and musicians” we think this is our best release so far. Songs carry the recognizable Red Union stamp but, of course, we take it further with ever improving playing skills and lyrical maturity. Before this completely turns into NY Times literary supplement music review, we will just stop… Vinyl release of this album is coming up soon on Croatian label Dirty Old Label. All on red vinyl. More info about that soon, here…